• Best Practice for virtualenv and git repo

    Although this is a very basic topic in python, I have just learnt it and thus write some memo here.

  • Attention Mechanism Quick Notes

    Notes on attention-based methods.

  • Reinforcement Learning Memo

    This blog is a memo for reinforcement learning, inspired by an introductory note. I would suggest people read the original post. This memo will give an outline for its thoughts and logic. This post lacks technical details. Referring to the paper listed at the end may be useful.

  • Install OpenCV 3 on OSX El Capitan

    Update 2016-09-22: As Homebrew is upgraded to 1.0, opencv3 formula recevies 3.1.0_4 update too. Now brew install opencv3 will be ok and no more excessive changes needed.

  • Personal Reviews on Bayesian Networks

    Bayesian network is a basic but useful tool to many application problems. It was invented very early and is now one of the fundamentals in graphical models.
    Here I reviewed some of its key points which I summarized from mainly two books cited at the end of the post.

  • How to be a mentor for a newly graduated employee

    As I have experienced before, a good mentor is important for a new employee, especially for the undergraduated who just come out from school and join the work force. Different from that we learn by ourselves, to be a mentor for someone and give him advice and support is another difficult problem. I’ve also asked several of my friends, they give me some of their experience as a mentor. When it comes to me, I think it’s useful to write things down to record the way to be a good mentor. Because of my work, I mainly refer to the mentor in an IT company.

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