I use a macbook behind a router connected to the organization network. My printer is connected to and shared by a Windows PC. I know the IP address of that PC and the printer name shared by that PC. And that printer is not directly connected to ethernet and doesn’t have an IP address.

1. download driver

If Mac don’t have appropriate driver for your printer, you need to download one.

In my case, I have HP LaserJet 400 M401 PCL 6 and I download it from http://printerdriverseries.com/hp-laserjet-pro-400-driver-download/ (where the link provided is also from HP official site)

I use OSX 10.11 but I downloaded 10.10 driver because of the lack of HP driver solution but only a setup guide application for 10.11, which will find your printer and download the driver for you.

However, I couldn’t connect to that PC using IP address because it is shared by a Windows, and that HP Setup Application doesn’t help.

But I need the driver really, so I downloaded it from other sources.

The driver app is a pkg (in a dmg) and installs driver files.

2. connect

Then I open System Preference - Printers & Scaners, click the + sign on the bottom of the right list box.

In the opened dialogue, if you don’t have an Advanced icon on the tool bar, right click on that toolbar and click on Customize Toolbar…, then drag the Advanced icon out.

Under the Advanced page, choose the (connection protocol) Type to Windows printer via spoolss.

URL is : smb://ip_address/somename(sub_space_using_%20),

for example, the IP address for that Windows server is and the shared name of the printer is “My Printer” (without quotation).
URL is smb://

The Name below could be anything you’d like to name the printer to add to your mac, and the printer driver should Use the very one you just downloaded and installed.